Serendipity Nail Polish - Coastal Christmas Collection

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Two posts in one day?  We are on a roll, people.  I have a brand new indie nail polish brand to share with you tonight.  Serendipity Nail Polish has just launched their new nail polish line and the first collection is Coastal Christmas.  Their polishes are 5-free, vegan and never tested on animals...all good things!  The Coastal Christmas Collection consists of 5 polishes, three cremes and 2 glitters.  When you look at the collection, it has more of a Valentine's Day collection feel.  But these colors can be worn year round and not just for the holidays.  Overall, I am quite happy with this inaugural collection.  Let's take a look!

Serendipity Nail Polish - Coastal Christmas Collection - McPolish

Let's start with the creme polishes.  I paired all three of the cremes in this collection with an accent nail of "Holo-Day Lights" which is a silver holographic microglitter in a clear base.  I did two coats in each of these swatches.  It's a pretty standard silver holo microglitter.  If you don't already have one of these in your personal collection, go ahead and add this one to your order.

"Big Red Bow" is a true red creme.  The color is very classic and the formula was fantastic.  This was only one coat and it was fully opaque and perfect.  In my personal experience, red cremes are hardly ever opaque in one coat.  My accent nail is "Holo-Day Lights" and everything is topped off with "Finishing Touch" which is Serendipity's quick dry top coat.

Serendipity Nail Polish - Coastal Christmas Collection - McPolish - Big Red Bow and Holo-Day Lights

"Pink Poinsettia" is a medium pink creme.  I would call this Barbie pink :)  The formula was good and it was completely opaque and smooth in two coats.  Again, the accent nail is two coats of "Holo-Day Lights" and everything is topped off with a coat of "Finishing Touch."  This is another classic shade that is needed in everyone's collection.

Serendipity Nail Polish - Coastal Christmas Collection - McPolish - Pink Poinsettia and Holo-Day Lights

"Peace, Love & Sandy Feet" is a peachy nude creme.  This one was the least opaque of all of the cremes.  I needed three coats to get it full opaque and not streaky.  That is pretty typical for these types of light nude colors.  I thought the tone of this shade worked well with my skin tone.  It might not look the best on darker skin tones.  I used the same accent nail of "Holo-Day Lights" and the same top coat of "Finishing Touch."

Serendipity Nail Polish - Coastal Christmas Collection - McPolish - Peace, Love & Sandy Feet and Holo-Day Lights

"Starfish Tree Topper" is the other glittery shade in this collection.  The base is a metallic gold and the glitters are silver.  This is an interesting color.  The formula was good and easy to apply even though it glitter packed.  I did two coats here with one coat of "Finishing Touch."  Because of the metallic base, it does give it a little bit of a textured look but it is smooth when you feel it.  I think this is what OPI was trying to achieve with their holiday collection but it didn't turn out as good.  I wouldn't say that I love the look but I definitely don't hate it.  I know many ladies will love this mixed metallic, super shiny polish.  

Serendipity Nail Polish - Coastal Christmas Collection - McPolish - Starfish Tree Topper

The Serendipity Coastal Christmas Collection is available now.  You can buy the polishes individually ($11), as a complete collection ($45) or in three item gift sets ($25).  It looks like all orders come with a free bottle of "Finishing Touch" which is a nice deal.  These colors aren't very unique but they are good quality.  I am excited to see what else this new brand comes up with in future collections.

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- Amy McG (McPolish)

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