KBShimmer's Birthstone Collection

Happy 2016 Friends!

Let's start out the new year on this blog with a look at some lovely birthstone inspired polishes for every month of the year.  KBShimmer has outdone themselves with this collection.  Each of these 12 polishes are just stunning.  They are all packed with silver flakies and holographic dust to make these polishes sparkle and shiny.  As a general rule...the formula on all of these polishes is amazing.  Smooth and applies like a dream.  They are not difficult to remove like a glitter but the silver flakies will get everywhere.  These babies are so sparkly and super metallic that photographing them was a challenge.  I am still waiting on my new macro lens to be delivered, so I do not have macro shots for you today.  But I am sure you will see from my photos just how incredibly reflective and shiny these polishes are.  Let's take a look!

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish

"Garnet" is the polish for January's birthstone.  This is special to me because I am a January baby.  I have always loved garnets but was not into gold jewelry when I was younger.  That seemed to be the only metal that people would pair garnet with.  So I was very happy to see this deep reddish brown paired with silver metallic flakies.  The color is deep and opaque.  I originally did this swatch with one thicker coat but under the bright lights you could see some patchy spots in my photos.  But in real life you could not tell because of the shiny reflective quality.  So I added a second coat.  Here is two coats of Garnet topped with Clearly on Top, KBShimmer's quick dry top coat.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Garnet

"Amethyst" is the polish for February's birthstone.  The purple base of this polish is nice and deep and a great jewel tone.  This one was also quite opaque with lots of silver flakes and sparkle.  I did two coats topped with Clearly on Top.  It is a lovely shade of dark purple!

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Amethyst

"Aquamarine" is the polish for March's birthstone.  This lighter shade is just so sparkly!  All of the lighter shades in this collection are just gorgeous.  The base is a sort of seafoam green/blue with tons of silver flakies and holo sparkle.  I did two coats for this swatch and you can still barely make out my nail line.  In real life...you can't see it because of all the shiny and sparkle.  You can definitely do three coats easily.  The formula on all of these polishes is divine.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Aquamarine

"Diamond" is the polish for April's birthstone.  Oh man!  This one is sure to be a favorite regardless of your birth month.  The base of this polish is clear but it is so silver flakie packed that your nails will look like glittery tin foil.  Stunning!  I did two coats as well for this swatch but you might want to do three if you like a fuller coverage.  Talk about blingtastic!

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Diamond

"Emerald" is the polish for May's birthstone.  This is a deep, emerald green with tons of sparkle and shine.  The base was quite opaque as well.  I did two coats with Clearly on Top.  If you love green polish, this is a keeper for sure!  Great formula.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Emerald

"Black Pearl" is the polish for June's birthstone.  This is a different take on the traditional birthstone for June, the pearl.  The black base of this polish is more charcoal in color and has a distinct greenish tint.  It really gives it a pearlized effect.  Again, tons of sparkle and shine here.  I did two coats topped with Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Black Pearl

"Ruby" is the polish for July's birthstone.  This is a surprise favorite of mine in this collection.  I typically done gravitate towards red polishes and I definitely dislike ruby jewelry.  The stones always look too pink and fake to me.  But this!  Oh this red is delicious.  It is more red than pink and super sparkly.  I did two coats with Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Ruby

"Peridot" is the polish for August's birthstone.  I always thought this was such an interesting gemstone.  The color is so unique.  This polish has a lemony-lime color and just so much metallic shine and sparkle.  Again, I did two coats here but some people may like it better with three. 

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Peridot

"Sapphire" is the polish for September's birthstone.  What a beautiful blue this is!  It is a bright navy packed with silver flakies and holo sparkle.  Another opaque base here.  I did two coats topped with Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Sapphire

"Pink Tourmaline" is the polish for October's birthstone.  This is a true pink and very girly.  The sparkle is great with this one as well,  I did two coats and thought it was opaque enough to not need a third.  Again, topped it all off with Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Pink Tourmaline

"Citrine" is the polish for November's birthstone.  Now this is a stunner!  It is a yellow metallic that actually looks yellow and not just gold.  It is truly unique to my collection and I think it will be a huge hit.  I did two coats with Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Citrine

"Blue Topaz"  is the polish for December's birthstone.  This is a sky blue metallic that isn't as light as Aquamarine.  This one was also super sparkly on the nail.  Heck, they all were!  I thought that two coats was opaque enough for this one as well even though it was one of the lighter shades.  Clearly on Top was used as the top coat.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection - McPolish - Blue Topaz

 The KBShimmer Birthstone Collection is available now.  The polishes sell for $8.75 each or you can get the entire set of 12 for only $100.  It is a steal!  And even bigger bonus is that for every birthstone polish you purchase will put you in a drawing for a jewelry item featuring that stone.  This promo is only valid  for purchases made through Jan 8th...so grab your credit card and order these babies!  You can see each of the jewelry items up for grabs on the KBShimmer listings for each birthstone polish.

KBShimmer - Birthstone Collection

Here is where you can get your KBShimmer fix!  I think Diamond, Ruby and Citrine are must haves but the whole collection is great.  You can't go wrong.

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!
- Amy McG (McPolish)

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  1. I looooove so many of them! :) And I never knew your birthday is in January!? When???

    Love Lotte

  2. I've been trying so hard to resist buying these. It helped I was on vacation last week. But as I catch up and see these I need at least 3!