Inspired by Fashion for the #31DC2016Weekly


For this week's prompt, we are doing nail art looks inspired by fashion.  I am never quite sure what to do for this prompt.  So I use inspiration from a specific article of clothing/jewelry?  Do I go with a specific fashion trend or look?  Inspired by a fashion designer?  I don't know,  So I went a little vague and took my inspiration from a fashion trend but put my own spin on it.  Camouflage aka camo print.  We see this used in military battledress, hunting gear and country fashion.  I did my spin on it and added from metallic flare with magnetic polishes.  I have been enamored with Masura magnetic polishes.  They are so multidimensional and mesmerizing in the nail.  I used two colors from the Precious Stones line to create this distressed camo look and I love it how it turned out.

Metallic Camo using Masura magnetic polishes - McPolish - #31DC2016Weekly

First, I started out with a base of "Smokey Quartz (904-173)" which is a brown based polish that pulls silver with the magnet.  Then I messily swiped on splotches of "Oliva Branch (904-176)
" and "Smokey Quartz" in a diagonal pattern across the nail.  "Perfect Emerald" is a green based polish that pulls the same silver effect with the magnet.  I thought these two colors worked well together for this messy metallic camo look.  Before the polish dried completely, I applied a generous amount of glossy top coat and swept the super strong neodymium magnet provided by Masura over the nails one my one.  I did not do this in the same pattern on every nail so they all look different.  This mani look different in every angle!

Metallic Camo using Masura magnetic polishes - McPolish - #31DC2016Weekly

Metallic Camo using Masura magnetic polishes - McPolish - #31DC2016Weekly

Metallic Camo using Masura magnetic polishes - McPolish - #31DC2016Weekly

Metallic Camo using Masura magnetic polishes - McPolish - #31DC2016Weekly

Sorry for the photo was just too difficult to choose a favorite shot of this mani!  If you want to create a fun look like this yourself, pick up some of the Precious Stones polishes from Masura.  They are out of Russia so ordering directly from their site may take a few weeks.  But the wait it well worth it.  You can also snag some of their polishes from international stockist sites listed on the website.  Be sure to pick up a magnet along with your polishes!

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Many thanks!
 - Amy 'McPolish' McG

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  1. Wow, that one is amazing! :) I really have start to test my magnet and polishes... I'm still a little afraid to mess it up. ^^

    Love, Lotte

    1. It is difficult to mess up. Especially with the magnet I sent you. Do it!