Inspired by a Book for the #31DC2017Weekly


I am still trying to catch up on the challenge.  Kudos to everyone that has been keep up this entire time!  My partner, Lotte, has kept on track and I am envious.  For the Inspired by a Book prompt, I have done my worst nail art yet.  Be prepared for nail fail in this post.  I tried several attempts at creating a look inspired by the book "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood which all ended in disaster.  So I ended up going very simple and my look is not impressive at all.  But hey...I got them done and that's what counts.

Inspired by a Book for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - The Handmaid's Tale

I paired Zoya's Godiva with a simple accent nail.  The base of my accent nail is Zoya's Farah.  Then I poorly hand painted a simplistic handmaid's figure using acrylic paints and topped it off with top coat.  Like I said before, very simple here.  I read this book years ago when I was in college.  It was a favorite of mine.  So it is cool to see it get more hype these days because of the Hulu show.  Have you read this classic?

Inspired by a Book for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - The Handmaid's Tale

This is the last month of the challenge.  You will likely be seeing many people doing the traditional #31DC2017 challenge this month.  That is the daily version.  Let's hope I can catch up with the weekly one!  Be sure to check out the tag #31DC2017Weekly tag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. :)

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Amy McG aka McPolish
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  1. Oh no, that's not bad! It's simple but matches the book cover en pointe. Awesome! (never read the book though) :)

    Love, Lotte