Inspired by Fashion for the #31DC2017Weekly


Happy Labor Day to all my American friends!  I hope you didn't have to work today.  Even though I did not have to work today, I am spending the day catching up on work.  It never ends!  I am also catching up on the #31DC2017Weekly.  Today, I have a nail art look inspired by fashion.  Specifically, fashion outfits worn by Kit Harington and Rose Leslie at the Season 7 premier of Game of Thrones this summer.  I love Game of Thrones so much and was in a bit of a depression this weekend because the season is over.  So what better way to deal with it than to do some nail art inspired by the series.  Kit and Rose are a real life couple that met on set playing love interests.  How cute is that!?!?  And...they looked great together a the premier.  My manicure is a skittlette that brings both of their outfits together as one.

Inspired by Fashion for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - Kit and Rose

Here is the photo that inspired the manicure.  Rose is wearing a lovely gown in yellow with black embroidery.  While Kit has on an embroidered black on black jacket with some Asian influence.  Aren't they just too cute?

Inspired by Fashion for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - Kit and Rose

To recreate this look, I did some stamping.  For my Kit nails, I started with a base of Digital Nails "I See France" and a glossy top coat.  Once that dried, I stamped over the glossy black with a satin top coat using the UberChic Far East-01 plate.  For my Rose nails, I started with a base of Masura "Limoncello (1038)" and stamped over it with black using the UberChic Plate 7-01.  On my pinkie is just a little matte black texture using Nails Inc "Noho".  

Inspired by Fashion for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - Kit and Rose

Inspired by Fashion for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - Kit and Rose

After yesterday's nail fail, I am totally loving this manicure!  I have not done many skittlette manicures this year like I usually have.  This look reminds me how great they are.  I need to find time to do more of them!  Only a few weeks left in the challenge :)  Be sure to check out the tag #31DC2017Weekly tag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Oh wow! This is simply perfect! :)
    And reminds me that I still haven't seen one episode of this. ^^

    Love, Lotte