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This blog started as a way for Rebecca to keep track of her polish swatches and nail art but it turned into an addicting hobby and a great way to meet new people from all over.  Through the blog, she met Amy McG who decided to join on and contribute her nail polish reviews and nail art.

We love to get to know everyone who visits this blog, so please email us with any questions, comments, ideas (requests for colors, comparisons, brands, or nail art), stories, or fun anecdotes!

Amy McG

Hey! I'm Amy McG aka McPolish. I am a professional that likes to paint her nails! I started getting obsessed with polish and nail care in Oct 2012. Since then, I have rarely gone a day without polish on my nails. I started consuming mass quantities of nail polish blogs, including this lovely blog by Rebecca! In March 2013, I bit the bullet and made an Instagram account to have some place to share my nails and nail art. At first I didn't tell a soul, but I quickly fell deeper down the rabbit hole of nail art and indie nail polish. One year later, I am now contributing to this lovely blog with a couple to great girls. I couldn't be more excited! So be prepared for nubbins, jelly sandwiches, indie polish swatches and nail art adventures.

Email me at amy.mcpolish@gmail.com



I'm Rebecca and a 20 something nail polish addict and marine biologist who also loves to cook and bake like there's no tomorrow. I'm also a certified PADI Rescue SCUBA Diver with 70+ dives: in 2 oceans off of 2 continents. When I'm not busy with graduate school or doing my nails I'm probably knitting or being crafty!

I first got into nail polish when I was getting over a nail-biting/cuticle-picking bad habit and my addictive personality took over. Now I have a nail polish collection larger than I'd care to admit and a new polish color for every day.

Lately I've been completely absent from the blog and mainly use gel nail polishes. You may occasionally see a post with a swatch of my most recent gel polish in an expanding collection of soak off gels.

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