KBShimmer I've Got A Crush On Blue

Today I have an absolutely gorgeous combination to share with you! This is KBShimmer I've Got A Crush On Blue layered over piCture pOlish Cosmos.

I've Got A Crush On Blue is a beautiful combination of sparkly holographic glitters in a blue jelly base. While I decided to layer I've Got A Crush On Blue, it definitely wasn't necessary and this polish is opaque in 3 coats on its own. The glitter is a mix of small and large hexagonal glitters and absolutely gorgeous. I did have to do a bit of fishing for the large hex glitters, but that was easily solved by setting the bottle upside down for about 10 minutes prior to polishing.

I'm usually not a fan of massive hex glitter like this, but I was so in love with this combination. The blue is so gorgeous and the holographic glitter suspended in jelly base was so deep and pretty.

Wow my nails were short, I can't believe this was just a week ago!

It's just too cool! It's always just when I think I'm over indie glitters (the blasphemy!) a polish like this totally inspires me. What do you think? Are the hexes like this too big for you or perfectly awesome?

*KBShimmer polishes available from kbshimmer.com/ and retail for $8.75


  1. That looks amazing! I want that one...and so many other KBShimmers! I have 3 and I love them all.

    1. KBShimmer makes some fantastic glitters. I always forget to wear them, but they are so unique and gorgeous!